Tight Panties


Yummy yum yum let me stick it in your bum. Okay just a childish rhyme that entered into my head when I first saw this picture. Looking at it a while longer and I admit I would much prefer to hook my finger into the back of this thong and feel the warm sticky gooey texture contained within her gusset. I would be very disappointed if my finger came out dry.

I do love almost everything about this tight thong wearing female, from her sexy ass to the way the fabric sits neatly between her ass crack and the way the material just covers all her lady parts absorbing her juices. For me the only improvement would be the material, I would have scored this a perfect 10 if the panties had been of a silky shiny fabric like satin and maybe the colour, what do you think black or white?

Panty Crotch Shot

I am not so keen on the pink lace trim but the way these black panties hug the owners pussy is delightful. Everything about this crotch shot is so natural, yes it looks like she waxes her pussy as there are no signs of a shaving rash and I like it that she has just a little regrowth starting to protrude. I like it even more that her labia is protruding out of the sides.


I think what I love most about this image is the way the panties look like have been worn for quite a while. This isn’t a pair of panties that have been put on by some model just to take a picture, they look like they have been worn for a good few hours. I can just imagine the material being all warm and moist and I can also imagine the musky scent that would fill the room when they are removed or as you offered to ease them out of her pussy with your finger.

White Panties Pulled Tight Against Pussy

On the last post I featured a black thong that was being pulled so tight it vanished into the crack of the wearer, today another pair of panties being pulled tight but this time they are white and they stay covering the whole of her lady parts.


This pair is being pulled so tight it has flattened her cameltoe, still nice to look at and I wouldn’t mind being in front of her as she demonstrates her panty pulling technique. I find her white stockings quite a turn on as well despite them being laddered.

Panties Pulled Extra Tight


You don’t get your panties much tighter than these, not unless you wish to cause yourself some serious harm down below, not to mention a very large cameltoe. On a personal level I prefer seeing just a little less flesh exposed and I would imagine this thong would look lovely sitting against her lady parts if it wasn’t pulled so tight.

Discreet Encounter With Panties

I believe most guys have a panties fetish of some nature. It might be the site of a nice shapely ass or a tight skimpy pair of panties that outline a swollen vulva that gets you excited. Almost everything on the Internet you can now find for free but that wasn’t always the case. It wasn’t so long ago that you would have to join a membership site if you wished to see women in their panties like those featured on this site.

The problem with many of these membership sites were that they used models in panties which were purchased just for the photo shoot, they were just not personal enough and not ones that women would wear while out and about enjoying everyday life. Worse still many of these sites thought crotchless panties were a turn on.


My fetish isn’t just a visual one. I enjoy the aromatic smell that accompanies such visual delights, the musky scent of a female pussy encapsulated in the cotton of her panties that she had been wearing all day. The scent that hits you in the face as you pull those panties down around her hips or as you hook a finger into the gusset and ease them away from her crotch. Look at the above image, see how the cotton of her panties has absorbed her love juice as she lays there with her legs spread wide waiting for some action.

I can look at images all day long but for me the real thing is always going to be better but how do you get the real thing on a regular basis? The answer is you find yourself a discreet sex date. There are oodles of adult related sites out there at the moment hooking up men and women on a no strings basis and it doesn’t matter if you are married or single as the emphasis in on casual.

One such site that I thoroughly enjoy is discreetdate.co.uk – It is free to join and you only have to upgrade if you wish to use the premium service, women however automatically get the premium membership for free as it helps keep a greater balance between male and female members. The beauty with this kind of encounter is you often find women more willing to fulfil a fantasy that you might have.


You can tell her that you have a fetish for a certain kind of lingerie or attire before your meeting and ask if she would mind wearing if for you. I find lots of women who are all too willing to wear a combination of lace panties and black seamed stockings for me. The knowledge that these ladies are only too willing to dress to thrill only adds to the pure excitement of your sex date.

When you get to meet your date face to face you are not expected to impress her with your chat skills or taking her out to a fancy restaurant. There will be no talk of meeting the parents and family or long term plans, the only thing she is expecting from you is pure passionate no strings sex followed by a smile, a thank you and a goodbye.

Tight Thong In Ass Crack

Imagine finding your partner ready and waiting in this position wearing a tight pink thong that just about hides her hidden pleasures. You slip your finger into the flimsy material covering her cute ass hole easing it out and over to one side to reveal her shaved pussy.

tight thong in ass

You cannot help but notice how the gusset area is warm and moist as you run your finger over the soft fabric . You position yourself behind her and the musky sweet scent of her pussy strikes your nostrils like a shotgun going off in your face. Oh how the right pair of panties can set the tone so perfectly.

Hirsute Panties

If you prefer your women natural downstairs and you are not a lover of the smooth waxed look then you will probably love this milf as she lifts her skirt and spreads her legs apart to expose her pubic groin hair.

Hirsute Panties

I guess it would be impossible to cover your pubes with panties as skimpy as those she is wearing. On a personal level I prefer less hair, I find the panties smell a little too sweaty on women with a bush.

Legs Spread Wide Wearing Panties

I love a female who can spread her legs wide, even more so when she is wearing a comfy but tight fitting pair of panties. I find it such a tease, you are just the thin fabric of her lingerie away from her honey pot, you know it is there, you can even see the outline of it but that cotton layer is just preventing you from seeing everything that she has to offer. Looking at the rest of her attire it would seem that this might have been a dressing up theme, I would imagine a maid?


So what would you do, bury your face deep into her groin or slip your finger in behind her gusset and gently pull the panties away from her pussy? I would just sit and caress her inside thigh a little, I would try my hardest not to rush straight in but I have a feeling my sexual urges would get the better of me on this occasion. If you click on the image to enlarge it, you can just see the top of her pussy slightly exposed through the more see through mesh. I might be tempted to gently rub her clitoris through the material and see how she responded.

Cheeky Flash Of Her Tight Panties

I love how this cheeky minx allows the camera to take an upskirt picture of her tight fitting panties. They do look nice and snug as they sit between her groin. White panties are notorious for showing any stains and I would imagine the very slight off white colour of these panties suggests that they have been worn for most of the day.


I wouldn’t mind being on my back looking up at these as they came down to greet my face. I could just imagine her hoisting her skirt up around her hips lowering herself down onto my face for some oral pleasure, wriggling around as she searched for my mouth to hit the right spot. I can almost feel the warmth of those soft thighs against my cheeks as I inhale her horny musky scent. I would suck her juice right through the cotton as I prepared her for my aching cock.

Black Panties Up Close


Almost within sniffing distance with this up close and personal shot. Could you imagine being on your knees in front of this sexy looking pair of panties waiting for the legs to open and inviting you in. You wouldn’t want to dive in straight away though would you? Personally I would wish to savour every moment, I would start by running my finger down that tight grove right between her swollen labia enticing her juices to start flowing, that is if she isn’t already a little moist.

She is nice and smooth down there as well meaning the fabric sits closer to the flesh, no prickly looking rash so I would imagine she waxes herself. I bet those panties are so warm and sticky when she takes them off at night after a long day sitting against her pussy. Imagine if she was your neighbour and you discovered these panties sitting on top of her laundry basket, would you pick them up and inhale a deep intoxicating sniff, would you be tempted to pop your tongue out and sample a taste or would you just want to wrap them around your stiff cock?