Black Panties Up Close

Almost within sniffing distance with this up close and personal shot of one very tasty looking pair of panties. Could you imagine being on your knees in front of this sexy looking milf waiting for her legs to part and open in her black lace panties. Once opened you wouldn’t want to dive in straight away though would you, surely you would wish to savour every moment of what was about to happen? I would start off by running my finger gently down the material tracing a line between her swollen labia, like a needle of a record in a groove. I would allow my finger to run up and down as I enticed her juices to start flowing.


You cannot help but notice that she is hair free which means the fabric of her panties will be sitting much closer to her flesh and there is no prickly rash or stubble so this lady probably waxes meaning an ultra smooth glide. I bet those panties are so warm, wet and sticky when she removes them at night, the fabric catching every horny moment and thought that she has had through her day in the office. Imagine if she was your neighbour and you discovered these panties sitting on top of a laundry basket, would you not be tempted to pick them up and inhale a deep intoxicating sniff, would you be tempted to pop your tongue out and take a lick to see what she tasted like or would you just want to wrap them around your cock and rub her against your hard shaft?

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