Cheeky Flash of Her White Panties

I love how this cheeky minx allows the camera to take an upskirt picture of her tight white panties. I bet they are nice and warm as they sit neatly between the crack of her ass and her pussy. White panties are notorious for showing stains and the very slight off white colour of this pair would suggest to me that this image was taken towards the end of the day at a time when they have already been worn for several hours.


This is the kind of view I would love to have if situated in the same room as her, I could just imagine being on my back and having this temptress standing above me like this. I could just imagine her lifting up her skirt around those gorgeous thighs and then slowly lowering herself down to greet my face so that I could give her some oral pleasure while smelling her female charms. Yes I can imagine her wriggling around and grinding herself into my face as I stuck my tongue out in search of her love bean, the soft flesh of her legs pressing against the sides of my face and her musky scent filling my nostrils as I suck at her pussy through those horny panties.

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