Discreet Encounter With Panties

I believe most guys have a panties fetish of some nature. It might be the site of a nice shapely ass or a tight skimpy pair of panties that outline a swollen vulva that gets you excited. Almost everything on the Internet you can now find for free but that wasn’t always the case. It wasn’t so long ago that you would have to join a membership site if you wished to see women in their panties like those featured on this site.

The problem with many of these membership sites were that they used models in panties which were purchased just for the photo shoot, they were just not personal enough and not ones that women would wear while out and about enjoying everyday life. Worse still many of these sites thought crotchless panties were a turn on.


My fetish isn’t just a visual one. I enjoy the aromatic smell that accompanies such visual delights, the musky scent of a female pussy encapsulated in the cotton of her panties that she had been wearing all day. The scent that hits you in the face as you pull those panties down around her hips or as you hook a finger into the gusset and ease them away from her crotch. Look at the above image, see how the cotton of her panties has absorbed her love juice as she lays there with her legs spread wide waiting for some action.

I can look at images all day long but for me the real thing is always going to be better but how do you get the real thing on a regular basis? The answer is you find yourself a discreet sex date. There are oodles of adult related sites out there at the moment hooking up men and women on a no strings basis and it doesn’t matter if you are married or single as the emphasis in on casual.

One such site that I thoroughly enjoy is discreetdate.co.uk this is a UK based site, if you are from outside of the UK check out the links to the right hand side of the screen – It is free to join and you only have to upgrade if you wish to use the premium service, women however automatically get the premium membership for free as it helps keep a greater balance between male and female members. The beauty with this kind of encounter is you often find women more willing to fulfil a fantasy that you might have.


You can tell her that you have a fetish for a certain kind of lingerie or attire before your meeting and ask if she would mind wearing if for you. I find lots of women who are all too willing to wear a combination of lace panties and black seamed stockings for me. The knowledge that these ladies are only too willing to dress to thrill only adds to the pure excitement of your sex date.

When you get to meet your date face to face you are not expected to impress her with your chat skills or taking her out to a fancy restaurant. There will be no talk of meeting the parents and family or long term plans, the only thing she is expecting from you is pure passionate no strings sex followed by a smile, a thank you and a goodbye.

4 thoughts on “Discreet Encounter With Panties

  1. Piet Smit

    It look delicious I would put my head between your legs smell your pussy and softly start to lick it. I will remove your panties and lick the juices from your panties. Then I will start playing with your sexy soft clit until you scream of pleasure. What do you think of this.

  2. Gendry Harmon

    My first turn on as a pre pubescent boy was seeing a girls panties under her skirt. I would love to nuzzle my nose against your cloth hidden treasure and push my tongue against your panties until it spread your lips and slid inside.

  3. Vincent

    Damn i’ll leak your punani until u come 3 times,n stick my tongue in it to increase the heat n pressure. I wish i could find your and make you enjoy my company like hell sweetheart:p:p:p

  4. Mike I have a addiction to the scent and taste of nice smelling pussy I can stay down there for hours and I'm serious about that if you have that smell and taste I'm looking for you would have to pull me up if you want it in all I can't think of is get

    I love to freaking eat pussy taste pussy drink your juices I want the prize I just have to pull me up if to want to put in u any I just want to f****** eat you up and drink you up smell you and taste you in the more you cum the better your scent gets this turns me on just thinking about how wet and juicy mmm I just go crazy thinking about it I got an addiction to I believe tman just jump on and jump off and all I want to do is just drink you up I want to make you squirt so I can just drink you up you up and drink you up I just can’t get enough of you I could stay down there for hours it’s not about me it’s about you and went about you and to hear you c** like that just drives me crazy it satisfies me I could come just freaking eating you out smelling your scent I’m just crazy about the taste and smell of a nice ass and pussy I would love to find somebody who just loves her pussy just eating on the cheese is sucked right out of him and I think about it all the time and wet your panties are your scent of a Woman I’m a really shy guy but if show me your sexy ass panty and how wet your pussy is and how u want it eating and just pulled me and I will freaking eat u till your exploding and satisfy I promise you this


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