Panty Covered Crotch

I am not so keen on the pink lace trim but the way these black panties hug the owners pussy is delightful. Everything about this crotch shot is so natural, yes it looks like she waxes her pussy as there are no signs of a shaving rash and I like it that she has just a little regrowth starting to protrude. I like it even more that her labia is protruding out of the sides.


I think what I love most about this image is the way the panties look like have been worn for quite a while. This isn’t a pair of panties that have been put on by some model just to take a picture, they look like they have been worn for a good few hours. I can just imagine the material being all warm and moist and I can also imagine the musky scent that would fill the room when they are removed or as you offered to ease them out of her pussy with your finger.

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