My Sisters Tight Panties

I would like to share with you a true story of how my fetish for tight panties began. Before I begin, allow me to explain that it isn’t just the thought of a woman in tight fitting panties that appeals to me; I also have a fetish for the smell contained within a worn pair of panties. I don’t even care who was wearing them, once I press my nose against the fabric and inhale that natural female scent it could be anyone who I care to imagine. Why have I mentioned this? Because the two go hand in hand as I will explain shortly.

I believe all fetishes begin when you are going through puberty and I am no different. Back in the seventies there was far less political correctness, I must have only been a seven year old when I saw my first naked grown up lady, I still remember seeing my female teacher getting changed after a swimming lesson, yes we had a female instructor and someone had to ensure the boys were being supervised and getting changed correctly.

At the time I didn’t think much of it but considering I can still remember that day as clear as if it were yesterday I guess it proves my theory of how things when we are young influence us later in life. Growing up we used to have our own wash baskets in our bedrooms, when it came to taking a bath or a shower in the evening we would undress to our undies, throw the clothes in the basket and make our way to the bathroom, it just made it simpler that way. I approaching 13 years of age with a teenage sister just a little over 5 years older than me. I never took a lot of notice of her passing me on the landing to and from the bedroom or bathroom as she always had her panties and bra on until one particular day.

I guess it must have been around that time when a teenage girl finds herself; the inbetween bit of being a teenager and an adult, she suddenly wants to be a little more grown up as she approaches womanhood and she wants to start buying sexier underwear. It was a summer evening, I was walking across the landing and my sister passed me wearing the most beautiful pair of pink flowery panties. At the time I thought it was the panties that had caused a double take, it was only in my latter years that I realised it wasn’t the style and colour of the panties, it was the tightness of them and the way they hugged my sister’s curves.


I remember going back into my bedroom and wondering why my cock had become so stiff, it was also the first time I had ever tried masturbating. Over the next few days and weeks I thought I was being discreet in my attempts to look at my sister in the evenings, I was also discovering how enjoyable masturbating afterwards was then one day as I made my usual excuse to have a good stare at my sister something strange happened, she called me into her bedroom as she wanted to show me something.

I can’t remember what excuse she used to get me into her room but I remember everything else about that evening. During idle gossip my sister started to get undressed down to her underwear ready to take her bath, I guess my face must have lit up with embarrassment because my sister started with her usual older sister teasing and telling me how she knows I like to look at her. As I feebly continued to deny any knowledge of what she was talking about. The poking me with her finger and tickling my ribs started.

I’m not sure how we started wrestling but being older than me she was always going to win and it was then that I challenged her ability to pin my shoulders down for more than three seconds just like they used to do in the wrestling on TV. I could pin you down for thirty seconds not alone three was her reply so the challenge commenced. Throwing me down onto the bed my sister jumped on top of me, her legs either side of my waist, her butt sitting on my belly and her hands pinning me down by my wrists level with my ears. As she started to count I lifted one shoulder forward, “my shoulder isn’t pinned” I told her.

With a grin she made her way higher up my body, her intention was to pin my shoulders down with her knees. As her butt squatted down onto my chest her crotch was almost touching my chin, her legs were spread so far apart her panties looked like they were going to rip and it was then I noticed a scent that I can only describe as intoxicating, I knew this was coming from her groin, I remember the excitement as reality kicked in, this is what pussy must smell like.

I needed to get closer to the source, I started to struggle in pretence that I was trying to escape, and then I made my move. Lifting my head as if I were trying to sit up and escape I buried my face right into her panty mound, waiting for a shriek and her to jump off and scorn me she did the exact opposite, pressing harder against me with her groin she forced my head back down into the bed. Now my sister was sitting on my face and I could smell every inch of her panty covered pussy.

I remember wanting her thirty second count to last forever, the truth is it was probably nearer to a minute as she counted slowly to prove her dominance. After declaring herself victorious she scuttled off to the bathroom. Later that evening I did sneak back into her bedroom, I took those same panties out of her wash basket and that night was my first ever experience of masturbating whilst sniffing my sister’s panties. The smell wasn’t as good as when she was wearing them but all the same it was a pretty amazing experience.

I have a few more stories to share about the rematches that we encountered if you would like to hear them?